Citation bug in "Suggesting" mode

Recently, I’ve found that citations don’t close after they are inserted. For example, I’ll insert a citation, click “Update Citation”, but the “Edit” option remains on the screen, and treats all following text as part of the citation.

First, I thought Google Docs simply maintained the formatting for links (i.e., underlined, blue font). However, the added text simply remained a part of the link to the Paperpile citation.

This hadn’t happened in the typical “Editing” mode, and wondered why this would be the case in “Suggesting” mode.

Anyone else encounter this problem and/or have a solution? I hope it’s not just something I’m doing or something funky with my accounts, given that I haven’t seen the problem reported here yet. My current workaround is hitting “Return” a couple times, then arrowing back to the end of the inserted citation. While not a huge hassle, it’s disruptive enough to my writing in the revision stage that it’s becoming quite a nuisance.

I can’t reproduce this issue.

Can you please give us a step-by-step instruction what you do, what you expect and what you experience?

Also please restart the Chrome extension and reload the document as it might be something transient that goes away when restarted.