Citation format that includes Paperpile info?

I’ve been using Paperpile with Roam Research and would like to automate the process. To that end, I wonder if it would be possible to create a custom citation format that incorporated my Paperpile tags and a link to the paperpile URL for the reading? Something like this:

Author Date

  • Full citation in Chicago format. [*](link to paperpile URL)
    • tags from paperpile as list of hashtags like #China #Politics etc.

I imagine the author-date and Chicago formatted citations in an outline form aren’t too difficult, but the URL and the tags? Is this possible? It would be great if I could use the same tags in Roam and Paperpile…


This sounds like a good implementation. I am waiting for this, or any, integration with tools like Roam Research. There’s a really good zotero plugin and I’d love to see something similar for paperpile. It would be really cool to see it in the current pdf highlight export options.


Where you able to achieve this?

I saw your other post on citation styles and was wondering if that helped.

I imagine a way to copy the Bibtex citation and key in one step to use in a note-taking app (e.g. Roam) and then using this information later when writing in LaTeX.

I gave up, the tools were a bit too cumbersome for my limited skills…