Citations not found when copy paste text to new g doc

I have written text (with Paperpile citations) in one Google Document, which I have now copied and pasted into another Google Document. Although the Paperpile citations are still blue and underlined, the sidebar says that there are no active citations and that I need to add citations before generating a bibliography.

I am imagining writing chapters of a thesis on different g docs and then compiling them into one at the end, and would like to know how I can do this and:

  1. retain the citations
  2. generate a bibliography with references correctly listed and without duplication

I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding something, or whether this is not a supported feature?

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Sorry, this seems to be working today. Not sure if I was just missing something yesterday. However, the list on the Google Document sidebar of citations included in the document is not complete.

I am facing the same problem. Namely, I have a Google docs document with many paperpile references. However, when I make a copy of the document (via the ‘make copy’ command of google docs), the new copy is missing all the references. They are still in the text and are marked as links, but paperpile does not recognize them. Any ideas?

@staszek_sdh, citations inserted with Paperpile should be recognized when copied this way. Did you continue experiencing this issue, even after clicking Format citations? Let me know if still relevant.

I figured it out. Essentially you need to copy the ENTIRE google document that you want to move (including reference list at the end), then paste it into the other google doc, then format citations, then you can trim it down. Note: the references list updates as well but it may move. You can cut/paste it to be back at the end.