CIting a difficult to categorize work

So here I have a work that is proving difficult to cite: an unpublished conference paper, which I found in the archives of a professor. In the screen below, I’ve put all of the salient information. But no matter what “Type” I select, I never see all the important information in the citation. I have put the archive location in the “How Published” field, because I don’t know where else to put it - but that does not appear in the citation.

Now, I don’t want Paperpile to be amended just to integrate an oddball item like this! But here, and in many other “odd” items, I’ve felt the need for an “additional information” field that would be tacked on to the end of the citation, regardless of the style. Is this something that would be possible? Or is there, in fact, a way I should cite this item, so that all the relevant information appears in the citation?

In principle, the “How published field” we borrowed from BibTeX is meant as a way to put in non-standard stuff like that. @andreas probably has an idea for this edge case, he’s still on vacation and will be back in a few days.

Have you tried using the type “Conference paper”? Maybe that will show the conference details better than “Presentation”

Yes, I did try conference paper, but the citation was even more sparce.

The current “Presentation” type gives the following citation:

Whiteside, D T. “Some Aspects of Harriot’s Experimental Physics: The Accuracies of His Densities in Refractions.” presented at the Thomas Harriot Seminar, 1973.

(which omits the place of the conference, unfortunately).

But the Conference Paper type yields:

Whiteside, D T. “Some Aspects of Harriot’s Experimental Physics: The Accuracies of His Densities in Refractions,” 1973.

That, in itself, was very surprising to me. I expected that the Conference Paper type would at least cite the name and place of the conference? But maybe that’s not Chicago style?

Your initial guess to add this item as “Presentation” is correct. I did quite some debugging on this, and it finally boiled down to an error in our code. The conference location is not mapped to the corresponding variable in the Chicago CSL file. We are already working on major update of our publication types, which should fix this error.

Great, thank you!