Citing a Homily

Part of SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) citation, is to cite a homily by its number. So in the footnote, it would look like this:
, ,
44. Augustine, Letters of St. Augustin 28.3.5 (NPNF 1:252)

My questions are, how do I use a short title/name, how do I skip the indicator “page/figure/foli”?
I hope, I’m making myself clear.

@Fr_David_Elias to reproduce the issue, I need your answers to the following questions. Which of the SBL styles are you using: SBL 1st edition (full note), SBL 2nd edition (full note) or SBL 2nd edition (author-date)? Can you share a link to the source? How did you collect the source? What type is specified (e.g., book, book chapter etc.) Thanks.

thank you for getting back to me quickly.
I’m using SBL 2nd edition full-note.
Here is a link to the source from my paperpile, I’m not sure if you will be able to access it:

But you can also access it from a public domain on: Work info: NPNF1-11. Saint Chrysostom: Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistle to the Romans - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

the book itself is two sets of homilies, so each set is generally considered a chapter in a book.
my main concern is that I can’t figure out, imagine, how paperpile will cite it the way the SBL manual requires it (see the picture.)

thanks again.

See SBL reference picture:

@suzanne Just wanted to see if you were to duplicate this, or are you able to explain how is this citation accomplished?

I did try to reproduce this @Fr_David_Elias, and I noticed that Society of Biblical Literature 2nd edition (full note) style does not make the citation as you require it, even if I change the source type to a book chapter. We get our styles from the online citation style library repository (CSL); it is community-based and regularly updated. I recommend either modifying the citation style using their online editor available at or requesting or searching for an updated version of the style.

If you choose to modify the existing SBL style or obtain an updated version of the SBL style from elsewhere, you can download the new CSL file to your computer and upload it to Paperpile via Settings > Citation styles. The new style will then be available to use in Google Docs and Word.