Citing from the Japanese Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator (CiNii)


Most of the research I cite in Japanese is managed by a national database called the Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator (CiNii) and can be accessed over the internet.

You can export a citation reference for each paper. It is also possible to download a copy of the paper depending on how it was published.

Is it possible to access this database/website through Paperpile and export reference information and the pdf directly into Paperpile?

Hi Darren! You can save any paper/website to Paperpile via the extension button to the right of your search bar. When the button has a green arrow (like below), it means the extension has recognized importable reference information.


The PDF will also be imported if it has been made available by the publisher. If it hasn’t (or if there’s a paywall), click the bottom right corner of the specific reference for a couple alternatives:


This is valid for any paper, website or database you open in Chrome.

Excellent! I just tried it and it works wonderfully with Japanese sources. Thanks for pointing this feature out @vicente and thank you to the developers for making this function possible! :slight_smile: