Citing Introduction of Anthology

I need to cite an introduction in an anthoogy. According to Chicago Style this is different from a regular book chapter, so I guess I can’t use “Book Chapter” as type, but how would I go about it?
Basically I need Paperpile to add the author of the introduction as well as the “introduction to #TITLE#” part

See Chicago Style here (excerpted below): Purdue OWL® - Purdue OWL® - Purdue University

Introduction, Preface, or Afterwords in a Book

Unlike other citations for books, bibliographic entries of this kind include the page number range for the part cited.


  1. Steven Pinker, introduction to What is Your Dangerous Idea?, ed. John Brockman (New York: Harper Perennial, 2007), xxv.


Pinker, Steven. Introduction to What is Your Dangerous Idea?, xxiii-xxxiii. Edited by John Brockman. New York: Harper Perennial, 2007.

I have looked into this a bit and the demands made by the Chicago style makes distinctions which are not available in the citation engine which we (and many other reference managers) use. That said, I have put together a style which produces the same results when you edit the metadata in a particular way:

  • Set the type to “Book Chapter”
  • Leave/set the title field blank
  • Use the “Additional fields” button to add the “Custom sub-type” and populate it with the type of book segment (i.e “introduction”, “foreword”, etc.).

If you do not want items in your library without titles, you can leave the item with a title and simply edit the document-specific version when you cite it (Go to Paperpile --> View all references to edit document-specific copies of papers in your library). Note, however, that if you do this, the citation will no longer be updated with any changes made to the copy in your library.

Here is the style:
chicago-fullnote-bibliography-foreword.csl (50.0 KB)

To add it to your available styles go to the gear in the upper right of the Paperpile tab --> Settings --> Citation Style --> Upload CSL file.

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Jason, many thanks for the thorough investigation and solution. I must apologize for reading and replying so very late. I had a deadline for a paper on the 15th of December, and after that I didn’t really check back for a reply on the forum. I ended up manually editing the footnote/bibliography after Paperpile had done its job. But for future papers this is very useful to know. Thank you again!