Citing secondary sources

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I have an article in Paperpile which refers to a Nielsen report. However that Nielsen report is no longer available, therefore I need to cite the article instead. So, the inline citation should look something like “Nielsen, cited by Article, date” I think.

However I don’t know how to do that within Paperpile.

So the question is, how do I cite a source within an article, where the article is the piece of content I have within Paperpile.


You can use a prefix "Nielsen, cited by " in your citation of the Article.

A prefix is arbitrary text you can add to your citation. Just expand the citation item and you see the prefix field.

Hi, this works! But I have a problem with the alphabetical order… I am secondary referencing someone whose name begins with Z, cited in someone else’s work. So my citation looks like this:

(cited by Linehan, 1993, p.48; Zanarini et al., 1988)

Is there a way to reorder them?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to our forum, @rnhh! In this case, one of the citations will have to exist only in the prefix or suffix fields of the other. In the example below, I inserted it as suffix.

To get the missing citation listed in the bibliography, you can insert it normally at the end of the document (before the reference list), format and then change its color to white, effectively “hiding it”. Hope that helps.

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