Citing Statistics Software (R and RStudio)

To cite my stats software (in this case R version 3.3.2 and RStudio 1.0.136) using the Google docs add on, is there a way to import the citation information into Paperpile, or is the best way to enter it by hand?

Also, in R you typically use additional packages that should also be cited. You can get the citation information using the citation() function. Again, is there a shortcut way to import this info into Paperpile, or is manual entry the best way?

For reference on citing R:

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I agree it should be much easier to cite R packages and the like. Just put this simple function together because I’ve resorted to manual entry too and figured I could use a quicker way to import R package citations in the future:

Have a look and see if it works for the moment.

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Thanks! I haven’t loaded it yet, but it looks like exactly what I need.
Is there a way to have it include the citations for R and Rstudio?

Hey, sorry. Just saw your reply.

Have another look at the function page. I added an option to cite RStudio and updated the example. If you add “base” to the package list, you’ll get a citation for R itself.

Hope it helps, but let me know if something doesn’t work. Thanks!

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