Citing Website "n.d"

Hello! I would like to ask you why the references appear with the words “n.d” when i cited a website? …,
I want the title of the website in the main text and the http in the references…,
Thank you in advance

Welcome to our forum, @Paula_Buonfiglio! The letters “n.d.” indicate a cited source has no date recorded. You can edit reference details in your library by selecting the entry and hitting Shift-E or Edit via the arrow drop-down menu. The information displayed when citing will depend on the citation style you choose.

Hi to all, is there any way to hide n.d in this citation? I don’t want to show this in the references.


Welcome to our forum, @Emiliano_Navarro! As far as I know, the display of n.d. is inevitable if there is no date present. This is governed by the chosen citation style guidelines, and most author-date styles use this to indicate date is missing. I can’t suggest you remove them manually, either, because they will appear again after re-formatting. Sorry I don’t have a workaround to offer.