Clean up Labels- adding label is very slow

Is there a way to bulk delete labels? I have over 1100 labels that came from moving my data around between Zotero, Mendeley and Paperpile. Many of the labels only contain 1 paper. Is there a way to clean up those that only have 1 paper tagged with the label? I would ignore all the labels but opening the label dropdown and/or tagging papers with labels via keyboard shortcuts is super slow- so slow that I do other things while the dropdown opens. I assume the slowness is due to the number of labels rather than something else. I appreciate the “clean up” option but no labels were removed when I used it because most are tied to one paper. Help! Thank you!

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I’m afraid I don’t have a suggestion or workaround to share in this case, @DRPRW77 - other than the ‘clean up’ feature there are no other bulk editing options at the moment. We do intend to develop more advanced folder and label management options, although I can’t say it’s an immediate priority (like what’s currently on our roadmap). Sorry I don’t have better news!

Thank you. I deleted all the labels using a technique found on the forum where I moved all my papers to the trash and then performed the label clean up which deleted them all. It wasn’t what I needed but it worked to speed up labelling of new papers. I just hope I never need the labels I used for past projects again. Reducing the number of labels does significantly speed up label assignment, so at least it’s much faster now.


Thanks for sharing the semi-workaround you found, @DRPRW77. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if there’s anything else.