Clicking on a top-level folder should show contents not folder list

When clicking on a top level folder I would prefer it if the right pane showed all the items contained in all the subfolders rather than a list of subfolders. The list of subfolders is already on the left pane. If I have a folder called “fruit” and subfolders for “apples” and “oranges” with three papers in each folder, I would like clicking on “fruit” to show all 6 papers.

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That’s not easily possible technically at the moment.

Actually it’s related to another feature request that has come up a couple of times. The behaviour you suggest would be perfect for hierarchical labels, i.e. I could have a label “Methods” and a sub label “Statistical Methods”. If I click “Methods” I get all papers that are methods and if I click “Statistical Methods” I get the more specific label. We like that in principle, but for technical reasons how we handle labels and folders at the moment it would require some work to change the current behavior.

Any plans on putting this back on the agenda or any updates? I agree with the original post: having an overview of all papers in the hierarchy would be great. But hierarchical labels would be even better.

No, I’m afraid this is not planned at the moment. It would require significant changes in our data model and that’s not feasible at the moment.