Clicking reference fails in google doc

I add a reference and it looks correct, but when I click on it, it opens a new eweb page with an error message saying " You cannot view or change the references of this document" What am I doing wrong. I have multiple collaborators working on this document. They are all usign PaperPile.

Joel, that may be the case when PP cannot tell that you are logged in to a google account - or to which account, if you have several. Try logging out, closing down the browser, and re-logging in - first to google, then to PP, then to the doc. If that doesn’t work, try deleting the PP browser extension, then doing the above (reinstalling the PP extension before you open the doc).

Okay I did all that, and now the references don’t have a link to ref at allScreenshot 2020-05-03 19.00.49

@Joel_Topf clicking the pencil icon and then the blue bubble will open the advanced citation options, where you will see the option to ‘Open in Paperpile’:


The links you were seeing previously are internal and currently don’t lead anywhere; whenever you see them please just reload the Paperpile extension via your browser settings (and/or follow @Bruce_Borkosky’s advice :+1:t4:)