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I am relatively new to Paperfile, as I just joined an organisation that mandates it. I am currently running a team of researchers that requires us to have a shared reference list. We can achieve this with shared folders. However we would like the ability to collaborate through the use of annotations. From what I can tell this is currently not available in Paperfile, as the links are shared as view-only. This is also true for the notes. Can someone please confirm this for me? I believe this is on the features list, is there a timeline for it?

I currently have a work around if anyone else has the same problem. Also if someone has a better workaround I would love to hear it.

  1. Set the default viewer to google drive (settings->browser intergration->PDF viewer->Google Drive)
  2. Click on the PDF you added to the share folder.
  3. Click on the Share link within the viewer
  4. Add your team, with can edit permissions (you can save an email list in google that makes this quite easy)
  5. Click on the open with buttton above the pdf, and select MetaPDF (makesure you have the MetaPDF extension installed prior)
  6. Make annotations

Now when a team member opens this PDF within paperfile (using Google Drive), they then need to select open with MetaPDF and they can now make annotations too.

When a team member adds a PDF to the shared folder they need to also follow steps 2-4.

This is the fastest way I found without giving your team automatic permissions to all your Paperfile PDFs through folder permissions in google drive.

Again if anyone has a better way please let me know.



Same question 4 yrs later…

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