Collaborator's comments deleted following Paperpile format


It wasn’t easy to convince my collaborators to use Google Docs. Now they’ve finally joined me, and I was managing the citations in our paper.

But I noticed their comments are deleted when I click “Paperpile/Format citations”! This is not making my case for collaborating in Google Docs any stronger :(.

Any advice would be appreciated. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?


That can only happen if the comment is directly on a citation. Paperpile needs to replace the text when it formats the citation which inevitably will also remove the associated comment.

There is an easy fix. Just put your comments right before or after a citation.

Actually, it’s the first time I actually noticed it or anyone of our users mentioning it. Given that tens of thousands of manuscripts have been written so far, it is definitely not a practical limitation of using Google Docs + Paperpile.