Comment ("sticky note") text wrapping not working properly

Text wrapping works normally when I’m editing/writing, but when I stop editing, words are getting broken up across lines (see below). There is also not enough padding at the top of the note, so that the three vertical dots overlap with written text. It makes it harder to read my notes while I’m reviewing a paper. Seems like a bug?

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 7.42.17 AM

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 7.41.11 AM

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Thanks for the report, @alis_campbell. This has been on our radar lately - we did not split words before and there were some issues there, then implemented the breaks which sometimes results in the behavior you encountered.

The good news is that updates and bugfixes for the PDF viewer are currently being prioritized by the team, so this will likely be addressed soon. Will reach out here if I get any updates!

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thanks for the update!

Just thought I’d bump this issue, it happens for me on Google Chrome as well.
Doesn’t bother me too much and more of a nitpick though :slight_smile:

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@vicente @sungk2048 I’ve noticed that this has been fixed, thanks so much!