Compatibility for foldable phones?

Recently I purchased a foldable phone (oppo find N) with a big, roughly square-sized main screen. I thought that it would be nice to read papers on a large screen. However, when I tried the paperpile android app, I found that it was not very compatible to the foldable phones. It can work, since it’s still an android system, yet the app only occupies the center part of the screen, leaving the left and right part of the screen unused. So, what I’m currently doing is that I need to first index the paper I want to read on the paperpile, memorize its name, and open the corresponding pdf file on the google drive folder, where I cache all the paperpile docs. Some other pdf readers, such as google pdf reader and Microsoft edge, can fully utilize the whole screen.

I’m wondering if it is possible to make the paperpile app compatible with large, foldable phone screens? I think it will be really cool.

Welcome to our forum, @Xavier_Wang! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The mobile apps are scheduled to receive some attention/updates next year, so the team will be able to look into this then – although it might prove challenging without an actual foldable phone for us to test. I have added your feedback to our internal tracker.