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Is there any citation style available in Paperpile that matches the guidelines below? I was looking for it in the official repository for Citation Style Language (CSL) but couldn’t find it so far.

• one author: first 3 chars plus year – e.g.[Lou90]
• two, three or four authors: first char of each family name plus year – e.g.[FH93] or [KSS97] or [LFTG97]
• more than 4 authors: first char of family name from first 3 authors followed by a ‘’ followed by the year –e.g.[BFH98] or [FvDF*93]

Welcome to our forum, @sascha! We get our styles directly from CSL so are subject to what’s available on their database; unfortunately we don’t have a better way to browse/find styles. I take it you already tried their search by example?

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Hi @vicente! Correct, with no results found. There don’t seem to be any for Wiley’s Computer Graphics Forum. I find that odd, because it’s not a very exotic publication.