Concat of two authors "and" is still present in bibliography

Writing an article and using “Neuron” citation style. I have a citation that features two authors Kita and Kita. Which in the text is refered to as --> (Kita and Kita, 2012) Which is fine.
But in the References at the end the “and” is still present:
Kita, T., and Kita, H. (2012). The subthalamic nucleus is one of multiple innervation sites for long-range corticofugal axons: a single-axon tracing study in the rat. J. Neurosci. 32, 5990–5999.

Which is not fine. Is this mayhaps a problem with the citation style or something else?
I have checked the Metadata for the article inside Paperpile and that is fine and no rouge “ands” around.
(The Authors field of the articles metadata: Kita, Takako; Kita, Hitoshi)

Bug or bad user?

The inclusion of the “and” is determined by the Citation Style. Most styles include an “and” or “&” before the last author. The PLoS style is an exceptions, but that is a numeric style and it looks like you are using the author-date system.

You can use this tool here to find a style which matches your specifications: