Connectivity issues with tagging and search

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone had some workarounds for persistent connectivity (Paperpile thinks I’m offline when I’m verifiably not) and reliability issues (search is slow and error prone) that I’m experiencing.

Examples of the error messages I’m seeing are displayed below:
Screenshot 2024-07-09 093738
Screenshot 2024-07-10 112907

@ajn have you continued experiencing this behavior? There was a recent update which might’ve improved things. If not, please If the issue is persisting, please send us debug logs so the team can investigate. How to get them:

Hi Vicente,

I hope you and the team are well.

Thanks for the suggestions - I sent through the logs. I haven’t received a reply, however. Did you receive them?

Also, the problems appear to be persisting
Screenshot 2024-07-19 101356

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