Converting citekeys

Hi, I have been writing in Scrivener and dutifully adding cite-keys using Command/Ctrl-K when I want an in-text citation. Just now I tried to use the Google docs extension to format citations, and the cite-keys were not converted. How do I convert the cite-keys, using either the google docs extension or anywhere?

The cite-keys are for use in a Latex environment using a .bib bibliography file. Overleaf is likely the most popular latex editor out there, but you can also set one up on your local computer.

Here are more details on how to add a bibliography in Overleaf or elsewhere. It can be a bit tricky and involves exporting your library or the relevant references to a .bib file.

It may be easier to re-enter the references manually in google docs or Word (if you are in the Word beta). You can use the cite-key in the insertion search box, so that should make it a bit less painful to convert the citations.

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