Converting Google Doc with Paperpile citations to Latex

Just wondering, the following routine seems a reasonable but rather complicated solution for converting a Google Doc with Paperpile citations to Latex without losing most of the formatting, tables, etc. This utility is important for collaborative projects with authors who don’t know Latex, or early stage drafting of ideas with collaborators where Google Doc is more practical than Latex. Since the conversion requires several steps is there a better solution one should consider?

Google Doc to Latex Conversion

  1. Export Google Doc with Bibtex codes via Paperpile plugin along with Bibtex reference list
  2. Open the exported copy in Google Doc and download as *.docx (or *.odt, *.html)
  3. Convert *.docx to *.tex with pandoc like this: pandoc -s myGdoc.docx -o myGdoc.tex
  4. Now do some post editing (manual or regular expressions) and/or tweak the pandoc conversion step, and then render *.tex to PDF with pdflatex/bibtex. Subsequently, one can continue to write in Latex and use Paperpile for citations.

A more robust single-step solution to download a properly formatted *.tex file from Google Doc directly would certainly be preferred. Perhaps Paperpile will expand the existing plugin to do all of this in one step, or use its powerful :smile: connections to Google to have them add Latex to their list of downloadable document formats?


Thanks very much - this helped me figure out a workflow to process via pandoc to Word