Cookies settings to stay signed in on two-factor authentication library proxies

Hi All,

I’m really liking Paperpile thus far (coming from Zotero).

I have been struggling with setting up my institutional proxy settings. My university uses Duo for two-factor authentication, and I like to check the ‘remember device for 30 days’ box so that I don’t have to deal with Duo every time I want to login to the library/database.

But while setting up the proxy in Paperpile, I was unable to check that option and the Duo interface told me that I need to enable cookies to be able to do that. That I understand. But how do I enable cookies in Paperpile?

Thanks a lot for your help and a great product.

@nve, did you continue experiencing this issue? Were you able to set up the proxy in spite of this, or not at all? Cookies settings can be toggled from the browser menu - here’s how to do it in Chrome. Let us know if you still need assistance with this.

Thanks @vicente !

I have been using Edge (chromium based) on MacOS, and it seems now that the Duo 30-day remember-device setting is working. But on my iPad, I still have to deal with Duo each time I want PaperPile to find a PDF through my institution. In the iPad interface, the Duo intermediate authentication screen never allows me to check the ‘remember for 30 days’ button.

I understand that my library/institution itself won’t let me stay logged in infinitely or across browser sessions, but if the iPad app can behave in a similar way to Chrome/Edge vis-a-vis Duo, that would be a real help for me.

Thank you so much for your support and an awesome user experience overall.