Copy citation in iOS

I’m using the Paperpile private beta for iOS and I can’t figure out how to copy a citation to the clipboard.

Is this feature still on it’s way?

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This is not yet possible, but it might be included in future releases once the app is in open beta.

ok thanks I thought I might be crazy since I couldn’t find it.

Hey still waiting on being able to copy a citation to clipboard in iOS. I need this feature all the time so wondering if anyone else needs it? Is my workflow weird or is no one needing to copy a single citation out of their reference manager to the clipboard?

To explain, I’m using Roam Research and I often work on an iPad Pro. I find a reading, either already in Paperpile or online, then I want to copy the entire reference in APA to clipboard so it can become the title of the paper in Roam so I have all the info. Then I write a summary as I read it. This isn’t Roam specific - any time I write a summary of a paper I want to have the full reference at the top of the summary.


+1 for note taking in Bear and Notability.

Thanks for the follow-up @Jesse_15. We’ve received the request a few times over the past year but have not yet prioritized implementing this particular feature. I understand it is solidly on our radar now that we’ve released the beta to the public: hopefully we’ll have updates to share soon.

Thanks @lyx for the +1!

I am also waiting for the option to just copy the citation. This is a very important feature, if you collaborate on papers where others manage the references.
I hope this gets a higher priority soon.


Happy to confirm this was recently implemented :raised_hands:t4:

Just click the icon circled below when opening a source in the mobile app and the citation will be copied to the clipboard. Style can be modified via Settings.