Copy formatted in-text citation from the cite menu

I would suggest a possible interesting feature to supply the lack of google slides (or other) integration. In the paperpile menu cite a good feature could be to add an option to copy the formatted in-text citation to paste inside our slide.
For example, I have this citation if a use ctlr+c:

Fahrenfort, J. J., Scholte, H. S., & Lamme, V. A. F. (2007). Masking disrupts reentrant processing in human visual cortex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience , 19 (9), 1488–1497.

But I would like to also have the possibility to directly copy the Faherenfort et al. (2007) citation.
What do you think?


Thanks for the request, Filippo. The topic has come up before but was not yet on our tracker; I’ve now added it for the team to consider over future reviews. We prioritize topics based on user demand so any +1 are welcome.


Vicente, how about a web page with a 3 column table:

  • number of requests
  • title of requested addition/change
  • full description of requested addition/change

That way, users could see what the options are. It could possibly be a feature of the forum, and users could REPLY to add their +1’s

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I came here to suggest something very similar. I write in Scrivener and then compile to Google Drive for final formatting, sharing, printing etc. To do my in-text citations, I’ve been making the linked cites in Google Docs then pasting into Scrivener. Then, when I compile and save in Google Drive, I run “format citations” to format everything and add the bibliography.

It would save me a step if I could copy the link or linked citation directly from the cite button in Paperpile. :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea, @Bruce_Borkosky. Of course, that’s the intention of the forum but I realize it’s not always so clear for users to find/understand features to upvote. We are actually in the process of migrating this mythical tracker I keep mentioning to a product management software, re-checking each request in preparation for the upcoming stage of our development where we’ll be able to implement user-facing features more often.

I am personally tasked with this project; once done I’ll discuss next steps with the team and the possibility to have a public version for users to see/upvote beyond the forum.

I believe this idea is to let us copy the links that look like this (below) from within Paperpile? If so, that would be fantastic because we could then paste them into any text editor and upload to google docs for bibliography generation.

Thanks for the expanded suggestion, @sdeban - that is indeed a potential alternative to code. Like we discussed via chat, these citation links are still internal and not directly recognizable by simply pasting onto a doc - they must be inserted via our tool for the process to work. I’m not sure how feasible it would be to code/structure this efficiently, but I’ve added your suggestion to the topic on the tracker regardless.