Copying text in and out of google docs

I know something similar may have been asked before, but maybe there is a solution with your new add-on.

I am using the Grammarly service to check my papers for grammar errors. Grammarly doesn’t have a G-docs plug-in, so I copy the text to their editor.

When I copy text back I lose the citation formating. Is there any work-a-round for this? I am thinking some sort of temporary mode where the citations are just plain text codes.

/Thanks for a nice tool.

We encode citations as URLs exactly for the reason you mention so that they can be copied around without losing the citation information. However, if the Grammarly editor does not provide round-trip save handling of URLs, I’m afraid there is nothing we can do.

The best would probably be to ask Grammarly support how to copy and paste URLs to/from their editor.

That is great. I had no idea it worked like that.

I will direct the question to Grammarly. They could really learn a lot from your new g-docs add-on. It works really nicely.


I’d assume Grammarly does allow you to check new emails in Gmail, right?

I just checked: pasting Paperpile citations from Google Docs to a Gmail compose window and back keeps the citations intact.

That’s probably the only workaround I can think of at the moment.

Brilliant idea. That is the best workaround so far. Thanks…