Crash when assigning Folder or Labels from iOS share sheet


For a good month or so now, I’ve been unable to assign references to Labels or Folders from the iOS share sheet.

Once the pop up dialogue box has obtained the reference info, pressing the Label or Folder buttons simply causes the share sheet to disappear and no record is made within Paperpile.

I can’t attach it directly here, but I’ve made a short screen recording showing the issue:

I’ve tried signing out and back in, as well as fully deleting the app from my device and reinstalling, but the issue persists.

One of the main reasons I moved to Paperpile from the alternatives was the quality and availability of good mobile apps and data processing; I travel a lot, and if I find an interesting or important paper on my phone I’d like to be able to log it for reading & notation when back at my desktop PC.

Currently that’s a lot more cumbersome than it used to be, as I have to open the app and manually assign or move the reference, breaking my workflow. It also plays merry havoc with my attention span, as opening the app itself invariably triggers an ADHD hyperfocus session chasing down rabbit holes 🥲

I’m using the latest iOS 14 stable release on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Unfortunately I don’t have another iOS device to test with right now.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Do the team have any suggestions, or updates if it’s a known issue?

Thanks for the report and screen rec, @Kyle_Marriott - no other reports so far, so perhaps a new thing. I’ve let the team know, will get back to you when there’s an update.

Thanks for the response. I look forward to an update!

No luck reproducing on our end yet, @Kyle_Marriott, but the team is having another look. Will keep you posted.


Have you had any luck reproducing this yet folks? It’s been intermittent for me of late, which is a small improvement, but still happens quite regularly.
Here’s one from this morning:

I thought it could be related to web content filtering, but I’ve been running without NextDNS for a few weeks with no improvements.

It seems to be related to the option to automatically add a PDF. If I disable this toggle before trying to assign a folder or label, the crash doesn’t occur. I can re-enable it after setting those values without issue.

Perhaps there’s some fail state occurring when a PDF isn’t found?

I’m happy to do TestFlight or similar if you have a debugging-enabled version of the app.