Create Record by Citation

I often find references in papers or have references emailed to me and would like to create a reference in Paperpile for it. If it is something that cataloged somewhere, it’s easy to search for it and add it. However, sometimes it’s not and I have to manually enter all the information into the fields. I’d like to be able to paste a formatted citation (like what’s listed in an APA reference list) and have it automatically enter the correct info into the correct fields in a new listing.

For example, if I paste this (perhaps with the option of “APA 7” for a formatting reference):

Warr, M., & Sampson, C. (2019). Critical dialogue: Can it happen online? Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Association for Educational Communications and Technology National Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

It automatically creates a reference (inserting the author, year, title, etc.)–even if it can’t find the exact reference anywhere else. If it can find the exact reference then it can just add that…

Perhaps the search function can have an option to create a listing based on the reference if it’s not found. Backwards from creating a citation.

Thanks. It’s kind of an edge case as most sources are online these days.

I think we even tried that a long time ago but did not follow up on it as the demand was low. Ideally where you can past a RIS or BibTex in the “Add papers” menu you would be able to paste everything.

One major caveat here is that many citation styles are missing the complete author list so we would get only a partially correct citation even if we parse it perfectly.