Create shared folder in iOS app

Hello, it would be nice to be able to create a new shared folder from within the iOS app. Thanks for considering! Mark

Welcome to our forum, @markyxe! This is on our radar for implementation; a revamp of our whole sharing structure is currently on the works and is expected to be ported to mobile after we release it on web. Adding your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker to raise its priority.

Thanks @vicente! I just noticed that shared folders created via a browser on don’t seem to show up in the iOS app. The folder works fine in the browser, but doesn’t appear in the app. Is that expected?

Apologies @markyxe, I should’ve been more specific - shared folders are not at all available on the mobile apps yet, so yes, this is expected. We will bring sharing functionalities to mobile after rewriting them on web.

Just adding a +1 for this. The lack of a full sync between desktop and ipad is a pain. It means that I can’t really organise things in a meaningful way on ipad yet.

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+1 for this as well


Another +1

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+1! Please make this possible!! :upside_down_face:

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+1 this is actually super disappointing that it does not work.

Absolutely +1 It is still missing after so much time!

A definite +1 !

Thanks to everyone who has chimed in here! We are close to implementing the complete sharing revamp I mentioned above – there should be news by spring 2023. Once that’s up and running the team will be able to prioritize updates for mobile.

Same here! +1

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+1 for me also

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