Cross-references for figures and tables?

It would be a very nice feature if Paperpile added the capability to reference and number figures and tables within the document (as it can be done in LaTeX).

Has this feature been considered by the developers?

Any opinions from the community? I am surprised this has not been requested yet.


At the moment we don’t have any plans to go into that direction. I remember one other customer asking for this feature.

I can only guess, but it seems that most users who use Google Docs come from Word and they did not use cross referencing there. So they don’t really miss it.

Coming from LaTeX this is clearly something that is missing but at the same time also formula typesetting is missing which makes it hard for LaTeX user to switch in the first place.

Thanks for replying Stefan!

Just my 2c. Cross referencing is one of those things that is really specific to the text editor. I have settled on a workflow which involves editing the manuscript in Google Docs and using Docs Flow to sync the manuscript with my presentation editor - Adobe InDesign. So far it appears to work quite well for me. In particular it allows me to separate the content from presentation (mostly), so I can write without being tempted to fiddle with the graphic layout and then every now an then I hit InDesign and shuffle things about the pages and add cross references to figures and tables there.

@Andrey good question @stefan do u know other addon for numbering figures and tables within documents? Because I have several documents with more than 30 figures and tables and is very difficult to manually number any of them and change every time when I made changes? Also I can’t auto number headers. Because of these reasons I plan to return to Word :frowning:

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Did anyone find a solution for this? This is the last barrier for me to jump from Word to G Docs with Paperpile as ref manager.

I’m writing a thesis proposal and have been using Paperpile with Google Docs and been really impressed with the ease of working at home and college. Just found out I can’t do cross-referencing and this might be a killer for me too - back to Word. I’ve asked Google Docs if they have plans to create an app or option in the software. If enough of us ask…


Vicky … this is an old post, and not a Paperpile issue, but did you try the GDoc “cross reference” addon?

Thanks for your suggestion. I had a look at this but was a bit complicated for me. I’m downloading it all to Word at the end and will sort this out last. Cheers

Did you try Referencer This add-on handles cross-reference in Google Docs easily.