Ctrl-alt-P shortcut doesn't work on home or work computers

Hi, in the past week ctrl-atl-P has stopped working on Chrome on both home and work computers. I have tried stopping and restarting the extension and refreshing the docs tab but that doesn’t work. No new programs installed in the 2 weeks before it stopped working.

Anyone else with this problem? Suggestions?


@Patrick_Sullivan, the shortcut to insert citations is Ctrl-Shift-P. Is that not working for you?

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No, it used to work but now it doesn’t

it means that PP has lost the connection to google. You have to log out of everything and log back in, in this order:

  • google
  • PP
  • google docs
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@Patrick_Sullivan, has this continued happening? If so, some details about your device, OS and browser version might be helpful to attempt reproducing the issue. Let us know.

This is great. Just an FYI - your official documentation says ctr-alt-p, which might be causing a lot of people confusion. Getting started with Paperpile and Google Docs | Paperpile

Just thought I would send along, since I think it’s a quick fix.

Thanks for noticing and pointing this out, @Brandon_Mattalo! I’ve let the team know so the correction can be made :+1:t4: