Custom annotation colours?

Hey there! I just started playing around with this app and overall it seems quite nice! I’m not sure if I missed something obvious, but are there any ways to set custom annotation colours (for both highlighting and pen strokes)? I’m not fond of the pale pen colours, and darker highlighter colours that are available by default (I just want a basic red/blue pen and a lighter yellow highlighter). It would be fantastic to be able to set custom RGB + opacity values and save them to the color palette for both the pen and highlighter, as well as reorder the default colours.



I guess a minor update on this: I see this feature in the beta web viewer, but in my original post I was referring to the iOS app.

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Welcome to our forum, @lucidcalib! Hope you’ve been enjoying our features for the past couple of weeks. As you found, customizing colors in the PDF viewer is only possible on web at the moment. The request has come up before and is already on our radar for implementation on mobile, so I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our tracker to raise its priority.

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Amazing, looking forward to when the feature is released!

Hi, any update on this?

No updates for the time being, @Hirak_Sarkar. Sorry! Adding your +1 as well.

Hi, I would love to see this implemented. It seems like a no-brainer since it’s already supported on the web. Thanks!

Welcome to our forum, @Etspo! This is still very much on our radar – we’ve just lacked the resources to prioritize this and many other pending updates/new features on mobile. If everything goes according to plan, the team should be able to work on mobile development by late 2023.

I would liske to add my +1 for this request as well

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