Custom attributes / Custom fields

Hello, I have a feature request for Paperpile: Custom attributes

I’d like to annotate papers with attributes. An attribute is just a named property. Each attribute has a name and a value.
e.g. I’d like to annotate some papers with “Dataset: ImageNet” and others with “Dataset: CIFAR”. I’d like to annotate some papers with “Architecture: Transformer” and others with “Architecture: GNN”.

Then, I’d like to be able to view a collection of papers in a grid/spreadsheet view, with one row per paper, and one column per attribute. Ideally I could choose which columns to show, and I could fill in missing values or edit existing values directly from this spreadsheet view.

Papers already have “fields”, so perhaps this could begin simply by allowing for user-defined fields.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi @dbieber, welcome to the forum! Thank you for this feature request of custom fields, it is already on our tracker, and I have added your +1. You might consider using labels as a possible workaround. Label the papers using your custom attribute. To view paper metadata as a spreadsheet, you can export the label as a CSV file. In the web app sidebar, adjacent to a label, click :arrow_down_small: > Export > CSV.