Custom CSL in word?

I searched the forums, but don’t see reference to this problem anywhere. Apologies in advance if there is already a solution to this.

I created a custom citation style, and it works correctly (produces in-text citations and a formatted bibliography) when I use the app in Chrome and in Google docs.

However, when I use the plugin for Word, and select Settings and Tools > Citation Style > Citation style
my custom CSL does not appear in the dropdown menu. All other citation styles appear to work as expected in the plugin.

I’m using Word (mac) 2019 and Word plugin v. 0.5.2. I have tried re-starting Word, Paperpile app and restarting my computer, and reinstalling the plugin, but nothing results in the custom citation style appearing.

Any suggestions for how to fix this? For a variety of reasons, I need to use Word…

Paperpile support responded: “Unfortunately, custom citation styles are not yet supported in the Beta. We are working hard on a new release which will include this functionality.”

We added support for Custom styles to the latest version. Please update to version 0.6.0 and you should see your custom styles: