Custom Page Fitting/Zoom Lock in PDF Viewer

Regarding the PDF viewer on Android and IPadOS.

After zooming in to a page (to fit the text to desired size), the zoom level resets after swiping to a new page or is difficult to control in continuous page transitions. This becomes annoying as the user must constantly re-zoom for each new page.

Could you implement a custom page fit that maintains the zoom view for each new page when using jump page transitions?

For continuous page transitions the zoom view should only translate in the scroll direction.

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Thanks for bringing this up, @Justin_Beri. This is already on our list; we understand it’s a sensible request and agree it would greatly improve the mobile reading experience but have not yet found feasible solutions for it. I’ve added your +1 to our internal tracker for the team to continue considering over future updates.


My solution thus far was … Buy a bigger device :joy: