Customize what Gets Copied to Clipboard

I was wondering if at some point it will be possible to customize the field that gets copied to the clipboard with keyboard shortcuts (for example I would like to copy the PMID with CMD-K). Alternatively, the citation key itself could be the PMID. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Also, right now copying the PMID manually is a little cumbersome: if you double click on the number the little icon next to is gets copied too and converted into a T.

Thanks, awesome work!

We are always keen to improve the experience with little things like that. But before we think about how to do that, I wonder why are you copying PMIDs so often? What do you do with them?

In any case we can try to fix the double-click copy behaviour if possible.

Well, PMIDs are the most cross platform IDs and we use them a lot when writing collaboratively with others. I know that non paperpile users can add references, but often collaborators don’t use Google docs etc. We convert IDs into references at the very end, when formatting the document, and most platforms can be used for that purpose (endnote, mendeley, zotero etc), so this maximizes portability.
Thanks! Paperpile is awesome!

Thanks. That was what I figured. I wish everyone was in Biomed because the fact that everything is in PubMed makes things so easy. Always perfect data and a unique id.

In any case, we’ll see if we can at least fix the copy paste problem quickly.


We’ve fixed the display of the PMID, so it can be now selected with a double click.

Thank you!!

It would be great to get a keyboard shortcut under the “Cite” menu. To cut down on options, perhaps this could be a new menu item called “Custom” where you can have the option of it being PMID (so you can expand later if other people have requests).

HI Stefan,
This was great, but it seems none of the details content can now be copied to the clipboard? Being able to copy the PMID was very handy… if it is not possible to select text, perhaps a little button that copies the PMID to the clipboard can be added?