Customized Views

Hi guys,

Awesome app! Here is a suggestion for a feature. It is triggered by my feeling that I lack an overall picture of the articles I have.

For that purpose, it would sometimes be useful to have customized views. For example:

  • When planning my redaction, I’d like to see only the authors and date and the tags appended to an article (and hide the column on the right) for a quicker overall view of my articles.
  • When writing a specific chapter, I’d like to see the authors name, date and the first 10 lines of every note I wrote.

Have other people proposed similar features?

Tx a lot for the great app!

Hi Samuel, that’s a neat idea. I do not currently think we actively keep track of connections between your paperpile library and your google docs documents. However, if you open your google document and in the menu click paperpile --> View all references you will get a list of all the references in that document with links to their entry in your paperpile library.

That’s not all of what you asked for, but hopefully it’s a start to help your revision process.