Dark theme for PDF viewer

It would be great if the PDF viewer could switch between a light and dark (night) theme to reduce eye strain when reading for prolonged periods of time. An example is the Night Mode in Drawboard (color inversion).

Could this be what you are referring to?

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We are working on that feature.

Hi Stefan, thanks for your update. Just curious, while you are working at this feature, would you consider other colours for pdf text background? Such as sepia or even a shade of green as in WPS Office Eye Protection feature. Thanks and have a good Xmas!

We’ve already implemented that and it should be part of an upcoming update.

Upcoming? Its almost two years and with Mojave now with native dark mode the impact would be even greater! Please release into public beta if it is implemented!

Yea this feature isnt still available on the web version !

@Savannah_Baptist welcome to the forum! I assume you are referring to having the ability to choose other colors for the background of the PDF viewer as a feature not yet available. I can add your +1 for this request to our tracker, but if that isn’t what you mean, let me know.