Dark theme for web app

another +1 to color inversion!

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+1 for built-in dark mode.

chrome extensions do not work in the web app because they have restricted access. until it is implemented: does anyone know a workaround?

I would really like to see Dark Mode on the roadmap before some of the other things being considered since it’s an accessibility concern.
I know it’s not as “fun” to program as some of those other things, but it needs to be done.

Welcome to our forum, @MNO! I’m happy to confirm dark mode is in our immediate plans and will be implemented before the end of this year, so you can expect an update within the next few months :pray:t4:


Fantastic news!
I looked at the Roadmap but didn’t see it on there.

@vincente Do you have any updates on the dark mode (dark paper) for the PDF reader?

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Not yet, @phizaz – although dark mode for the web app interface is right around the corner (public betas expected within the next couple months), updates for the PDF viewer have not yet been prioritized. If everything goes well with the upcoming releases, the team should be able to prioritize improvements and new features for the viewer later this year :crossed_fingers:t4:


I have just recently started using Paperpile and I have to say, I’m so thrilled with its capabilities, I’ve been wishing I had a software that actually did this stuff and I came across it by accident. So thank you.

But, my eyes are aching at this late hour — I read a lot and I would love it if the web app had dark mode. And offline mode.


I use paperpile on a boox which is a kindle like black and white device. Some of the elements are so hard to see - it may help this mode on these types of devices

I agree we need the dark mode for the pdfs in the web app or create and app for windows and then we can access this feature

Please prioritize this. Also for the mobile apps. I literally can’t read the text in the android app - every other app in my smartphone is in dark mode. And the PDF reader makes my eyes hurt. Pretty please.

Yes, it’s coming! There are still several features that haven’t made it to the beta – no concrete timeline to share just yet but we expect to have more news over the next few months.

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Thank you for the reminder @jh7753, we have updated the page.

So glad this happened thank u, life improved significantly

+1 for prioritizing this!

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