"Date Added" sort not right

I just noticed that my library order is wrong when I sort by “Date Added,” which is the sort I use normally. Items that I added in 2013 are right near the top of the list. Is this a known bug?

That would come as a surprise. Can you verify that it’s indeed sorted incorrectly and check the actual date added in the details view (see below).

Well according to the app, it is sorted correctly. The problem is that, at least for a small group (9) of entries the “created” field is wrong. They’re all from my original Mendeley import on October 23, 2013 and are now being listed as created within a few seconds of each other on October 1st, 2015. I’m not sure if there are other affected items; these may just be the most conspicuous.

Did you merge any duplicates? I can’t think of any other scenario at the moment where the ‘created’ timestamp would change.

Did you do anything special with these items recently?

Good thinking, I did merge some duplicates recently. Maybe this was them. How exactly does the “created” timestamp change in that case?