Default Additional Fields

I like to customize my bibtex keys so I would like to have the bibtex key field show by default for all items when I edit the file under edit data.

I’m sure other users might certain other fields by default. Would it be possible to add those check boxes to preferences so the default ones could be selected and shown each time I click edit data.


+1!!! Just adding a word here so it’s clear to devs that this is desired.

Did anything happen with this request?

Welcome to our forum, @marcoiacoboni, and thanks for bumping this topic. No updates yet but the request is on our list, now with your +1 as well. Our extension and webapp are currently being rewritten to introduce some updates and new features, which puts the team in a good position to consider this once more.

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I’d like to upvote this feature, as well. Many of my references are modern editions of books originally published centuries ago, and I’d like to have the “Date of the original publication” field available as a default without having to scroll and click a box each time. Thanks!

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