Delete button not shown - cannot delete annotation

Sometimes when I select a portion of text, highlight jumps over columns to select things I don’t need. I am guessing this is because of how PDFs are formatted. Until recently, this was not a problem - I would just click on highlight, and delete it using the overlay menu. However, today I came across an issue when the overlay menu is partially hidden, since apparently highlight goes beyond the canvas size, and it is not possible to delete the highlight. See screenshot below - looks like a bug. I resolved this by “Undo”, but maybe the overlay menu should also be fixed.


Could you send the PDF file, where this happened, to That makes debugging a lot easier.

I just had exactly the same issue. The delete button exists, but it is hiding behind the annotations pane.

Here it is hiding:

And here it is revealed after you close the pane, or drag the paper a bit to the right

So, you can delete the highlight, but it’s a bit of a pain, and it’s not immediately obvious what the problem is to new users.

  • Mark

@mpezzo can you send the PDF to @andreas? I could not reproduce the issue with the PDF I have.

I’m pretty sure you can recreate with any pdf. Just do the following:

  1. Zoom in quite a bit using the MetaPDF “+” magnifying glass (zoom in) button.
  2. Scroll the paper to the left so that the words on the left of the pdf are right up against the annotations pane
  3. Highlight something on the left hand side of the pdf

You’ll find that the popup (that allows you to delete or change colors of the highlight) goes partially behind the annotations pane. I’ve done this on a bunch of pdfs, so it’s not anything having to do with the file. It seems to be the way MetaPDF layers its panes.


Thanks for the detailed description of the bug, it really help us tracking it down.
We have released an update of MetaPDF that should fix this nasty issue with highlights.