Diff between "all papers" and "secondary" in google drive?


The majority of my saved papers (measured in bits) are in my “secondary” folder, but about 1/5 of my storage is in “all papers.” Difference is not immediately obvious (although it probably should be!) and I’m curious. Thanks.


re-upping this. the more you know!


Not sure exactly what the problem is. What is a “secondary” folder?


Not a real problem – without a mobile reader, I access my PDFs directly from the google drive directories in which they’re stored. In the “paperpile” directory in google drive, there are the following folders:

all papers
starred papers
trashed papers

I don’t understand the difference between “all papers” and “secondary”. Both are used by paperpile to store papers, but the difference in function between the two is unclear (i.e., why would a paper get sorted into ‘secondary’ instead of ‘all papers’)?