Different PDF Summary Layout

Hi, new user here.
I love the idea of Paperpile, although there is a learning curve when starting everything.

What intrigue me most is the ability to have pdf summary. This feature is similar what I use in Mendeley, albeit a bit restricted to a single paper.

My question is:

  • Why I didn’t have “beautiful” summary layout as advertised in the features? I thought that I will get this:

but instead, my layout is like this:

  • Does the summary can only be accessed by clicking the PDF? Is there any way to open summary directly from the article list?

Thank you

Welcome to the Paperpile community @mkharisecario! I have let our website team know about the inaccurate PDF summary image on the features page and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Currently, the summary is only accessible when you click Summary button or the Export button in the PDF viewer and is not accessible via the reference list. I can add your request to our feature tracker.