Difficulty adding library proxy

I am having issues adding my university’s proxy to paperpile (My university is St. John’s University, aka SJU). When I choose SJU as the university in Paperpile, it defaults to http://jerome.stjohns.edu:81/login?url=$@. My university gave me a similar (but a little different) URL to use. When I change it to what my university recommended, https://jerome.stjohns.edu/, an error pops up and it won’t let me add it. See the screenshot:

As you can see, I added SJU as a proxy using the Paperpile defaults (at the top of the screenshot) but it doesn’t work. When I change the URL to what my university provided, an error comes up (the red part of the screenshot).

Trying to log in using Paperpile’s default URL (http://jerome.stjohns.edu:81/login?url=$@), I get the error below when I try to log in.

Oddly, when I try to log in using the pre-populated URL from Paperpile, the URL resolves as http://jerome.stjohns.edu:81/login?url=http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com. Is this usual or is it not supposed to happen?

My university’s library has suggested I reach out to IT on campus, but I wanted to see if the Paperpile Forum community may know what I’m doing wrong before I contact them. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

Thanks for posting your question here as well as via chat, @Patrick_R_Walden. We were glad to read the issue was resolved back then - indeed, the URL you were attempting to use was missing the suffix you first mentioned (like /login?url=$@), which is necessary for our system to map things correctly. Hope things have been going smoothly for you since then. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again with any questions or observations you might have.