Difficulty with accessing some papers behind proxy

I’m currently using the Paperpile Android app to import papers from DOI. I find that for some journal servers, my library proxy works well, and for others, I’m getting the following error:

Identity provider lookup failed at (https://auth.elsevier.com/SHIRE/Login)


opensaml::saml2md::MetadataException: Unable to locate metadata for identity provider (https://namidp.services.uu.nl/nidp/saml2/metadata)

Meanwhile, other apps that use the same identity provider (I think) aren’t getting stuck here. Accessing it directly via browser (Kiwi) doesn’t hang, nor does it hang with the Researcher app, which also redirects through the Wiley library system, I think.

Anyway, I hope this is enough information to maybe identity what’s going wrong here.

Thanks for the report, @Danielle_McCool. Nothing on our end yet, but the team is looking into it - could you confirm the proxy URL (or institution) you are using?

I am having some issues with proxy as well. When I try and autodownload a pdf from academia.edu I get a whole page error as seen in the screenshot below. I made sure to login to my proxy first. But the big thing is, that academia.edu doesn’t even need a proxy to download. Any help would be appreciated. The URL it tries using is https://plymouth.idm.oclc.org/login?url=https://www.academia.edu/18177037/_Trans_Mission_Possible_The_Coloniality_of_Gender_Speculative_Rasquachismo_and_Altermundos_in_Luis_Valderass_Chican_at_futurist_Visual_Art

I am still having this issue. It works to bring in the info but does not need to use a proxy to download the pdfs and yet tries and fails. Here is the one I just tried importing. (PDF) Critical Black Futures: Speculative Theories and Explorations | Philip Butler - Academia.edu

By the way, I even get that error screen if I try “browse manually” to be able to right click the pdf and add it using the context menu.

Apologies for not getting back to you here, @Flounder. The case for academia.edu in particular is not related to proxy, but to the database’s setup / sign-in wall which is confusing for our extension. Although we haven’t been able to prioritize a solution so far, the matter is on our radar (along with another sites to add support for). I’ve consulted the team in case there are any updates. Will let you know by this via.

Thanks for the update!