Direct Download from References in PDF

It would be really useful if it were possible to have a direct Paperpile download link for all references in a PDF. Right now, if I want to research a bunch of references from a paper I’m reading, I need to copy each title into Google and then click the Paperpile link. It would greatly streamline the process if the download link were to be incorporated into the PDF so I could just click on the references that I want to add to my library.

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Thanks for the feedback! This would be a great feature to add; I think it would involve quite a bit of development so can’t promise it will be a reality soon - but I’ve added it to our list for the team to consider over future reviews.

That’s an obvious feature. The limiting factor is to get hold of the data for all PDFs. In an ideal world the citation graph (who cites what) of academic literature is available for everyone. In reality it’s not.

We have been working quite intensively on our data layer behind the scenes. So while we can’t give an ETA, I can confirm we have been working on this indirectly for quite some time.

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This would be a real killer feature, really hope to see it come to life. Especially if one could follow references directly from one PDF to the other.