Direct Link to pdf from the document

As already opened five years ago (Link to PDF from citation in Docs?), the procedure to see the paper’s PDF is quite clumsy:

  1. Click on the citation “(Whoever, 2012)”
  2. Click “Edit”
  3. Click on the citation’s tag in the new floating window, labelled “Click for details”
  4. Click “Open in Paperpile”
  5. Click “View PDF”

and especially step 4 usually takes some time. Why not to add a direct link to pdf? Either from the floating box (step 3), or in the add-on sidebar? When already have links to Website and PubMed, why the “Show PDF” button is missing?

When doing initial phases of research, where you pile tens of papers, this will come extremely handy.

Thanks for consideration!

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Thanks for the feedback, Filip. I’m adding your +1 to this oft requested feature, hopefully we’ll be able to make some improvements for it soon.