Disable proxy connection for PubMed links

Using my library’s proxy URL is usually great for journal websites but doesn’t provide much added benefit for PubMed, and breaks numerous features on the NCBI domain. For example, if I click through from Paperpile and am browsing via https://pubmed-ncbi-nlm-nih-gov.libproxy.mit.edu, then I select some references and click Email to send the selected references, the Captcha is broken so I can’t send them by email.

Could there be an option to blacklist PubMed from going through the proxy? The only other option seems to be to try to remember to uncheck the proxy connection anytime I want to use the PubMed link.

Thanks for the feedback, @Matthew_Johnson. I don’t have a workaround to offer at the moment, but have added your feedback to our tracker for the team to consider. Proxy connections are a challenging matter for which we hope to find better solutions in the future.