Disabling PDF collection

Is it possible to tell Paperpile to NOT download/import the paper itself? It’s eating up my Google Drive storage very quickly.

No, that’s currently not possible. You can delete files (see below) at any times.

It has not been really an issue so far I guess because either people don’t use their Google Drive for much other stuff (in which case the 15 GB of free storage is plenty). If they use Google Drive actively the amount used for papers is usually very small compared to the rest of their data. It’s should be easy to free up a few GB which gives room for thousands of papers.

Okay I’ll use that option. FYI I’m getting through about 20 papers a day, so I’m likely to hit the thousand paper mark in a few months :smile:

We’ve now added an option to disable automatic PDF downloads:


Thanks for this! I just noticed this feature today.

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